Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Here at the Bed Head Chronicles, we celebrate what we can give from inside ourselves — our heart, our soul, our spirit. It’s not about what we look like on the outside. It’s about who we are and what we share in this world.
Today, I want to talk about our greatest happiness. Our greatest joys in life, I believe, are things that can’t be taken away from us. Ever.
The joy of bringing a smile to someone’s face, someone that you love. Or bringing a smile to the face of a stranger. Doing something nice. Doing the right thing. Doing your very best. Putting in your best effort.
That’s something that can bring us peace and joy and happiness inside. Something that can’t be taking away from us.
I feel that giving to others freely from your heart with love, with kindness is the greatest joy that you can ever, not only, give yourself, but give others — giving without any expectation of getting anything back in return — there’s no greater feeling.
And there’s a reason why when people are depressed or sad or really going through tough times in their lives is one of the greatest pieces of advice is to go do something for others.
Give your time. Work or volunteer somewhere. Put your focus on something outside of yourself. Because when we do that, when we give up our hearts freely, that is not only giving that other person a gift, but you’re giving yourself the gift. Of doing the right thing. Of doing something that feels good. Of giving your heart and giving your soul and being present for something outside of yourself.
So, remember that our greatest joins in life — some of the happiest things will never be taken away from you as long as you acknowledge them and appreciate them. Because these little things in your life — they end up being those big things that you remember later on. The big things. The times. The moments. The things you did. The things that you felt that leave that lasting impression on your heart and all those around you. These little things may end up being the big things towards the end of our lives.
So, focus on those. This kind of joy, this kind of happiness can never be taken away from you.
Be your best. Put in your best effort every day. Put a smile on other people’s faces and give them without expecting anything in return.
You will be amazed at the abundance of joy that you can feel in your heart every moment of every day.
Thank you!