Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. This morning I wanted to talk about going first.
When we think in our lives of the things that are great — and I ask that you take this opportunity to think about the things that are great in your life. Then think about the things you would love to be better. Or things in your relationship that you would love to be better. Or things at work that you would love to be better.
What is it with the things in your life that are great? What makes those things great? What makes those relationships work? What brings you joy in those moments or doing that specific thing?
Bring all those things into the areas of your life that may not feel so great right now and go first.
For example, if you want more inspiration at work, well, then be more inspiring.
If you want more understanding and compassion with your friends or with your family, then be more understanding. Be more compassionate.
If you want more peacefulness around you, be more peaceful inside of yourself.
I believe that everything in life — if you want more love in your life, be more loving first. If you want more passion, be more passionate first.
We must go first, and we can invite all those around us to meet us where we are. And if you’re in a situation where you might be surrounded by people that you feel are bringing you down, or they’re not as motivated and inspired as you are, don’t drop to that level. Invite them to meet you where you’re at.
And that requires you going first.
If you want more authenticity from people, be more authentic.
I was thinking also this morning about freedom. What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom to me means being able to live fearlessly, authentically me. Being able to be me in every circumstance. To never have to think of what do I need to be today or who do I need to be today? But be ME.
That’s freedom of me. And knowing that my wife loves me for who I am. People around me love me for who I am.
And I choose me. I choose to be authentic. That gives me freedom and a sense of peace inside myself that means everything to me. It allows me to be my best for everyone else around me.
So, go first. And that means, if we’re talking about fearless authenticity, decide to be you. Go first. Encourage all those around you to do the same. To be who they are.
There’s too much judgment in this world, and we are our own harshest judges. And often times, when we do judge ourselves it keeps us from being all that we truly are. It keeps us from going first. It keeps us from being brave.
Take the judgement out. Celebrate being you. Be free. Go first. Create in your life everything that you dream of by being that first. And watch all those around you begin to do the same.
Have a great day, everybody!