Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today, I want to talk about how to get yourself out of a really dark space of suffering.
We all get there, sometimes, and it’s crazy how sometimes, even though we want to feel better, we decide to throw on everything possible that can make us feel worse; to almost torture ourselves to feel even worse than we already do. It’s crazy. So, on that same note, what if, in those times of real suffering, in those times where things like nothing’s going right you use that same discipline that you use in every aspect of your life, whether it’s going to work every day or going out and training every day or taking care of your kids or being there for your friends. Whatever it is, we all show that we have discipline in our lives, especially those of you who a lot of you are watching me right now are high achievers. You know that you have that discipline. In these cases, it’s a matter of channeling that discipline to your thoughts and saying “I’m in a dark space right now. I am going to choose right now. I’m going to discipline my thoughts to focus on what is right in my world, what is good in my world, to focus on the things in my life that empower me, telling on solutions rather than our problems. Because when we get in these dark phases that we feel we can’t get out of it’s because we are constantly focusing on what’s wrong, focusing on our problems, focusing on what’s missing. Focusing on what feels bad, what hurts, what’s wrong. Really, it is up to you to get yourself out of that space.
So, two things — number one, discipline your focus. Build this muscle where when you go really dark, really deep in your suffering, discipline yourself to say what can I focus on now that I can be grateful for? What in my life is good? What do I have that makes me happy? And really discipline yourself to see the good. To focus on the solutions; to focus on what you have. Focus on the things that you have control over and build the muscle of thinking in that direction, in the direction it’s going to empower you. And the second thing is that often times, depression and being in the dark space is exacerbated because we are obsessing over ourselves. We are so focused on ourselves and what we’re feeling and what’s wrong that we aren’t thinking about others. That all we’re obsessed with ourselves in those moments and the single most powerful way to get out of depression is to focus on someone else. Go give your time to help someone else with something that they’re going through. Focus on someone else’s. The focus on giving back and volunteering, going and offering your time or your expertise to someone that needs it. That when we get out of ourselves in terms of taking our focus off of ourselves and put it into others– there’s real power in that. A real beauty in that; and you start realizing the power of love, the power of giving, the power of being selfless. And in helping others, you end up helping yourself as well.
I hope this helps you have an amazing day, everyone. If you’re in a dark space right now, guess what? You are the only one who can get yourself out of there, and it’s possible! We all have it in us. It takes disciplining your thoughts, your focus and really empowering yourself with the right thoughts focusing on the right things. You can find lots of things wrong with your day, with you then. Same time, there are so many things that you can find that are right, that you have that you can be grateful for, that you can celebrate so do that. Empower yourself. Be the super hero of your own life, not the victim.