Good morning everyone and welcome to the bed head chronicles. Today, I’m going to include my amazing athletes, and we’re going to talk about the single most important thing. And they’re used to my bed head. I show up this way every single day. The single most important thing that they tell themselves to get the most out of themselves every single day — to be the best they can be every day. Better than they were the day before.
What does that take? I’m going to start here, first, with Alissa. Alissa: I think it’s to take it one thing at a time. One work at a time, then one minute at a time at a workout, or at an interval or session. Just break it up so it doesn’t feel big.
Siri: Awesome. So, stay in the moment, basically?
Alissa: Yeah. Every single moment in each thing — it makes it, not easier, but more memorable.
Siri: I love it. Maricarmen!
Maricarmen: To always stay focused on your goal. It doesn’t matter what you’re feeling right now at this moment, knowing that it’s going to pass. Once you overcome what seems impossible or extremely painful, on the other side there’s going to be greatness.
Siri: Awesome. Salty, well done! So, guys, this is what it means to freakin’ go for it. Awesome! Troy!
Troy: Being relentless and being in the moment. It means to give your best effort and your best attitude in anything and everything that happens in your way. So, just stay focused and be relentless all the way.
Siri: Awesome! Does that mean, Troy, basically, no judgement? You cannot judge yourself in every moment, okay? Because then you’re saying “Am I good enough? Or am I not good enough?” You’re always good enough. Okay? You put in the effort, stay in the moment, stay connected to your goal and be true to you. The ultimate goal is being the best that you can be every single day. Captain Salty? Anything you want to say? What do you tell yourself every single day to ensure that you are the best you you can be? What’s your focus?
Ellie: Today is my day.
Siri: Yeah! I love it. We’re going to end on that you guys. “Today is my day!” Every day, right?
Ellie: Yeah.
Siri: Boom.