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Your primary question!! Empower yourself!!

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Good morning, everybody. And welcome to the bed head chronicles. Bedhead at it’s worse today. Today, I want to talk about how a few years ago, Tony Robbins always used to always tell us about your primary question. What is that question that you ask yourself, like, hundreds of times throughout the day? Like mine, about 10-15 years ago, was “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me?”
That is not a very empowering question, is it, to ask yourself a thousand times over every day? By the way, I’m dragging the field of horse foods with my dogs. So, I changed my primary question. Because if you’re going to ask yourself a question hundreds of times throughout the day, it should definitely be a question that empowers you; not one that disempowers you.
So, the new question that I’ve asked myself over the last 10 years is “Where is the gift in this?” Where is the gift in this? In every situation, no matter what — good things, bad things — there is a gift. Something happens that’s unexpected or is difficult to get through. Where is the gift in this? Well, I’m going to learn from this. I’m going to grow from this. I know have a better understanding of this person or this situation. That kind of a question. When you ask that a hundred times over every day, it will not only ensure that you’re empowered, but that you are truly finding the gift every single day in every moment. Because in this world, sure you can look around and find things wrong with this world or wrong with the people around you. But there are just as many wonderful things. Everything that’s right. You find things that are wrong but you can just as easily find things that are right.
So, I go through my days asking where’s the gift in this. Most of the day, I mean — the gift is life. This incredible gift of life — how beautiful? How blessed are we that we could live this beautiful life? We can make it what we want it to be. So, to all of you, I love you. Have an amazing day. Think about that question you ask yourself every single day. Does it empower you or does it disempower you? If it’s not serving you, then change it. Change it to something that can surely enhance the experience of your life because life truly is a gift. Make it wonderful. Love to all!