Perspective can entirely change not only your experience but also your performance. Take, for example, an athlete. They’re out racing and it’s hurting more than it’s ever hurt before. One of two things can happen. They can think to themselves, “Oh my God, this is hurting more than it has before. I must be having a horrible day.” That’s going to lead them to slow down, backing off, not enjoying it, thinking negatively, and probably performing very crappy.
The other option is that at that moment they can think that maybe I’m hurting more than I ever have before because I’m going faster, and stronger, and pushing harder than I ever have before. That kind of attitude is going to lead them to not only enjoying it more and feeling empowered but having, probably, the best performance they are capable of. It’s all a matter of perspective.
Now say today is pouring down rain, and I don’t like the rain. If I focus on the fact that I can’t go outdoors, I can’t be with my animals, I can’t go for a run, it’s dreary — I’m probably going to have a really crappy day. But if I look out the window and think “Oh my God, it’s raining! The grass is going to be green. The horses are going to have a lot more to eat. Tomorrow is going to be such a beautiful day. I’m going to enjoy my run so much more.” That’s going to allow me to appreciate the day for what it was — what it is. Appreciate the rain.
It’s all a matter of perspective, everyone. So, empower yourself by thinking thoughts that are going to serve you. Not thinking thoughts that are going to defeat you. Ask yourself better questions in moments of struggle. Ask yourself what’s really happening. If you’re hurting, you’re pushing hard, you’re digging deep, it’s hurting more than ever before — maybe that’s because you’re stretching yourself beyond what you ever had before. And that’s going to take you to all new levels of performance.
I hope that helps. Have an amazing day.