What stories are holding you back?
Find the gift in the struggle. Yes, we’re all going to be hurt. We’re all going to be rejected at some point.
I, just a couple of years ago, called my father.
I said, ‘Dad, I want to thank you. I want to thank you because when you rejected me, it gave me a drive, a determination, a fire that I don’t think I would have ever had if you’ve been the father I dreamed you to be.
I wanted nothing more than to find out that I was capable and that I could achieve something special, and that I could make a difference in this world and give back and be a light. Thank you. You were exactly the father I needed you to be to become the woman that I’m so proud to be today.’
For the first time in over 20 years, he said he loved me and he said he was proud of me, and that meant everything.
So, for all of you, recognize first off that we – yes, we – are all going to struggle. There is a gift in every struggle. I know it’s hard to see it at the time, but if you know that something great is going to come out of every struggle you go through.  That we will learn something about ourselves or learn what we really want in life.
Maybe you got rejected from the job of your dreams, but did that lead you to find what your true passion is? Did someone dump you, and had they not dumped you, you wouldn’t be with the person you’re madly in love with today?
Find the gift in the struggle because when you’re able to do that – and that’s practising gratitude – when you’re able to do that, you will get through change. You will get through disruption. You will get through disappointment and sadness with so much more faith and grace and confidence.