Think about it – how many times have you been with a loved one, whether it’s a friend, your husband or your wife, or your child, and you’re with them but you’re thinking about 10 million different things that you need to do.  Or what you have to do in the office or what you forgot to do earlier. When that happens, you’re only kind of half there with the person that you love and half in your head about all the things you need to get done.
Now, I’ll never forget – I was in Kona, Hawaii for the world championships and I went to a yoga class.  Now, I’m not flexible, I don’t have great balance. But, I’m in this yoga class and they were having us do a tree pose while I’m thinking about when I’m going to talk to my athletes and what I’m going to say to them pre-race and give to them their pep talk.
I’m thinking about all of these things and I’m just losing my balance every second, and I can’t hold the pose. And I thought to myself what if I just laser focus right now on doing exactly what I need to do to hold this tree pose. And I started focusing on what I needed to do to hold that pose and be balanced and feel centred.  I held this perfect yoga pose and I felt like this true yogi
I realized in that moment that we are most powerful when we are fully present in each and every moment.  Fully focus on what we are doing in that moment. We can perform at much higher levels. We can give so much more of ourselves and our energy.  We can create so much more when we’re fully present. Don’t miss out on your own power by allowing yourself to be in 10 different places all at once.  Be present.
At night time, having 10 minutes being totally present with your loved one is so much more powerful, and so much more beneficial and joyful for everyone than giving an hour sitting on your phone and thinking about other things.
So, do yourself a favor and step up to your utmost potential by being fully present no matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with. Be there one million percent, and see your world change truly. It’s awesome, guys.  Give it a try. Try that yoga pose and see how that works for you. All right. Have a great day.