Today I want to talk about relationships, and “The Love Languages”
There is an incredible book by Gary Chapman “The Five Love Languages”.
We all have different ways that make us feel loved, there are people that need quality time, or words of affirmation, receiving gifts, or physical touch or acts of service. We are all different in what we need to feel truly loved and appreciated. Me for example words of affirmation and quality time, my wife been fully present with me. No phones no TV, nothing else going on but just spending time the two of us together makes me feel so loved, and so safe and so sure of our connection.
For her she’s more about acts of service, she loves having a tidy house for example. So if I keep the house tidy and do little things to make it look clean and comfortable she feels totally loved. If I mess up the house then she doesn’t feel loved at all. We all have different ways of feeling loved. You can find out what your partners love language is. Does your partner love to get gifts? When you give them a gift it means that you were thinking about them and you thought of something they might like and in giving that to them they felt so adored.
Now that might not be what it takes for you to feel loved but if it’s what makes them feel loved then do those things.
We often get it wrong because we love people in a way that makes us feel loved but that’s not necessarily what they need to feel loved.
Figure out what your loved ones love language are and love them in that way and in turn, let them know what it takes for you to feel loved and let them love you in that way. If you do this your relationships will go to all new levels.
We can all have the most incredible relationships, not just with a partner or a husband or a wife but with our friends and with our family.
Find out what your loved ones feel so adored, so cherished, so celebrated. Love them in that way and it will forever change your life and change your relationships.
Love is everything. Nothing feels better than lighting up someone’s heart and soul.