Today, I want to talk to you about taking care of you.
There’s a reason why on the aeroplanes that when the oxygen masks fall down, they say put it on yourself first before you put it on your children.  We cannot possibly take care of others, give to others, and love others any more than we give and love and take care of ourselves.
I know we often think that if we put ourselves first that’s being selfish, but it’s actually not.
When you put yourself first and take care of you, you’re going to be so much better able to give all of yourself to all those around.
When you take care of your happiness, your joy, your health, your spirit — you have so much more to give. So, in taking care of you, you’re able to better take care of others.
So, I encourage all of you to take time for yourself. The other day I talked about presence. It also means being present with you. Allowing yourself those moments or those blocks of time where you feed your soul or you feed your spirit.  Whether it’s exercise or walk outside in the fresh air or loving on your animals or loving on yourself in any way – go get a massage, do some meditation, listen to your favorite music, have a bath. But take care of you.
We must take care of ourselves to truly be able to give and love and create in ways we dream of.  So, take that time. Every day, I wake up, I do my gratitude ritual. I have my coffee. I love on my pets.  I listen to my favorite music. And I’ll do some kind of a workout to feel alive and energetic. When I’m done with that, I’m able to give with all my heart and give it all my soul.  And I don’t feel like I’m wearing myself down. I feel like I’m feeding my soul, my heart, my happiness and give the energy to be able to get that much more. Put yourself first. Take care of you and have an amazing day.