Today, I want to talk about really taking charge of our experience of life. How many of you have ever said to yourself, ‘I wish my partner was more romantic’ or ‘I wish my friend was more giving.’
Often times we wish for things and we don’t understand that if we step up first and give those things, we’re far more likely to attract it in everyone around us.
If you want more romance, be more romantic. If you want more love, be more loving. If you want more inspiration, be more inspiring. It starts with us. So, whatever you want more of in your life, be that first for others. What you give is what you’ll also receive back.
So, do you like my shirt? It says, “Choose Love.” I choose love every single day, and what I found is that the more I love, the more I give, the more love I receive. The more generosity I received from others. It all starts with us. If you want your husband or your wife to be more romantic, be romantic first. If you want to have more passion, be more passionate. If you want to have more fun in your life, go do things.
Make fun. And invite others to join you in having fun. Don’t sit back and wait for life to happen. We need to create the magic in our own lives. We create it with our thoughts, our focus, our emotions and our actions. So, get out and create the life that you dream of having. We are all in charge of our own experience of life. And what we experience depends on what we’re focusing on, the meaning we give
things and choose to do without it. So, choose thoughts that empower you. Choose thoughts that inspire you. And choose thoughts that can truly create magic. No matter what you’re going through on any given day, life is such a beautiful gift. Embrace the gift of life and make it what you hope and dream it to be.
Because you certainly can. You’re in charge of your own experience of life, and it starts with you making it amazing.
Have a great day everybody.