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I’m either winning or I am learning!!!

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This word sparks anxiety, dread, fear and sadness. But what if failure was absolutely essential to any path to success?
Do you learn more from your perfect beautiful victories? or do you learn more from when you fall short of what you hoped to achieve?
I know for me I have learned more from my disappointments and my failures. Those failures showed me what I was missing, what I need to do more of and what got in my way.
Failure and disappointment are absolutely necessary in order to learn and to grow. That is what allows us to make the progress necessary to achieve our ultimate goals.
So embrace failure, be willing to fail and use it as an opportunity to learn. I’m either winning or I’m learning. Period.
How can we possibly know what we are capable of if we are not trying to do things that we don’t think we can do every single day. And if you are doing that then you are bound to be disappointed every once in a while. But there is no path to success that is perfectly paved. There are going to be potholes, there are going to be detours and cracks in the road. Embrace them, it’s an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to learn.
Believe in YOU, believe in your dreams, be willing to take risks and learn from every time you fall short of what you dreamed of doing.
It’s through our greatest struggles that we stumble upon our greatest strengths.
So be willing to fail, be brave and be you!