Former professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom interviews Siri. Together they talk about:

  • Siri’s book “Surfacing” – I recommend it for anyone who wants to read an inspirational story that blends sports, training, personal growth and relationships.
  • Her passion for rescue animals including her new nonprofit Believe Ranch and Rescue.
  • Lessons that animals teach us, notably how rescuing an animal usually has the opposite (and even more beautiful) result in that they actually rescue us right back.
  • Growing up in a broken household, never wanting for anything, but somehow being lonely, afraid, and insecure
  • Why Siri decided to become a triathlete when she had never swum, couldn’t ride a bike and had only played team sports as a kid
  • Siri’s path to the top: gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching
  • Body image conflicts: Sometimes you need to lose weight to reach your full potential. How to do this without going crazy or losing your self-esteem like she did
  • What it takes to have a VOICE in this world
  • Why it’s okay to embrace your own insecurities

Watch the video and read the full article here.